Monday, 22 August 2011

HK MOVIE MADNESS: Tsui Hark's 'Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate'

The new offering from Jet Li and Tsui Hark is a remake of King Hu's Kung Fu Classic - Dragon Gate Inn- which previously was also remade, with Tsui Hark as producer, under the title New Dragon Gate Inn directed by Raymond Lee, et al (Ching Siu Tung and Hark himself were uncredited directors).

Well, all I can say is: Tsui must've been disappointed with those previous efforts as he's back at it again with Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.

Although it looks like a fairly beautiful looking film - wonderful desert locations, a good cast, budget etc. - the trailer doesn't give away too much about the ins and outs of it all and misses out on showing any decent Jet Li shots.

But it's fair to say, with the inclusion of people like the aforementioned Li and Tsui (as well as Terry Fan Siu Wong) it's sure to be a breakneck ride!

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