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Back in 2000, The 11 O'Clock Show - a UK late night satirical comedy show that launched the careers of people like Ricky Gervais (The Office, Extras), Charlie Brooker (Screen Burn, Co-writer of Chris Morris' Nathan Barley)and Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat)- brought another comedic character to our screens...the convicted, and slightly derranged, criminal: BULLA.

Funny stuff, eh???

Now Ricky Grover, star of the phenomenal Johnny Vaughan-scripted sitcom, 'Orrible, is back in a feature length film focusing on his Big Fat Gypsy Gangster creation. Here, he both stars as the titular character, co-writes the screenplay (along with his wife, Maria Grover) and makes his feature length directorial debut...and what a debut it is!

Bulla has just been released from HMP Broadmarsh after a 16 year stretch in the clink, after which he finds out that all his old haunts, including his Auntie's (Laila Morse) Pub, have been bought out by the bent, and now best-selling author ex-copper, Mason (Eddie Webber) - the very same bent ex-copper who put him inside in the first place!

Whilst being followed by an american documentarian (Joshua Lou Friedman), Bulla and his entourage, including his left and right hand men - Roland and Geoff (Roland Manookian, Geoff Bell), midget driver / bare-knuckle fighter - Major (Maxwell Laird) and his "Financial Advisor" Jik Jickels (Omid Djalili), Bulla goes on a rip-roaring ride through his old stomping ground trying to get the money to save his "Manor".

Right from the off, the film grabs you by the naughty bits and doesn't let go. If you've been looking for a Brit-com that mirrors the likes of Love Actually or Billy Elliot- look elsewhere. This is loud 'n' proud, brash, foul-mouthed, hyperactive craziness to the Nth degree...Just like Bulla himself!

The film uses a number of tried 'n' true elements, including the 'Mocumentary' style - used to good effect in things like the BBC2 series Operation Good Guysand the US comedy Dog Bites Man- and the modern British gangster feel encapsulated in things like Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrelsand Snatch.

Fast paced, with trip-hammer editing - it never lets up. It's truly an assault on the senses. The little cut-aways to the stocking-wearing Bulla, talking to camera, are another nice touch that really gives it zing.

And if you're thinking of creating a drinking game where you have a shot of whisky every time a recognisable face makes an appearance - please don't, you'll die from alcohol poisoning! Everybody and their dog takes a turn: Celeb Psychic, Derek Acorah, stand up and panel show regular, Rufus Hound, N-Dubz' Tulisa, and the Beverly Hills Copbad guy himself - Steven Berkoff,  are just a few of the familiar faces you'll spot.

In spite of the major star power involved - this is still Grover's show, he oozes charisma and likeability from every pore and is funny, scary (in a good way!) and captivating to watch.

Even though it's not strictly an action movie, and The Reantimator LOVES action movies, he had to give this a little 'Blog Time' 'cause he laughed until his curcuits bled and nearly blew his CPU! Now, after all that, this Action Movie Addict needs a nice cup o' tea...2 sugars!!!

Big Fat Gypsy Gangster is out now to rent or buy.

Bulla's official YouTube channel

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