Thursday, 1 September 2011


In 1999 the world changed for the better. Why, I hear you ask? Because Hong Kong Legends, possibly the greatest DVD label specializing in the release of Hong Kong movie goodness (along with it's sister label, Premier Asia, which focused on Japanese, Thai and South Korean favorites), came into existence.

Eastern Condors Trailer

The label was responsible for the most amazing quality releases of Asian classics, not only providing fans with great picture quality and sound, but enlisting the likes of Bey Logan, Mike Leeder (both longstanding film journalists / film makers), Jude Poyer (one of the few englishmen to cut it in the field of Hong Kong stunt work) - even the likes of movie wunderkinds like Donnie Yen (who guests on the awesome Iron Monkey DVD) and Gordon Chan (who appears on 2000 AD and Beast Cops), among others - to provide entertaining and informative commentaries on the vast percentage of HKL releases.

 Clip from Bey's commentary on Project  A

Unfortuanately, after the relocation of Bey Logan to the US between 2004/05 (upon HKL figurehead Brian White's departure) and joining the Weinstein's Dragon Dynasty label soon after - the label slowly wound down it's operation and came to an end in 2007.

Now though, as announced by Cine Asia in March - HONG KONG LEGENDS ARE BACK!

Cine Asia's trailer for the S Korean hit: 71 Into the Fire

After already having released Asian powerhouses such as Tai Chi Master71 - Into the Fire and Invisible Target- it's well into it's HKL release schedule.

So far it has released the following titles from HKL's back-catalogue: The Prodigal Son Dragons Forever Police Story Police Story 2 Dragon Lord Heart of the Dragon Way of the Dragon Fist of Fury

As with the original HKL releases, you can expect fantastic quality prints / aspect ratio, as well as those stunning extras...and there's more to come. Good work Cine Asia!

Cine Asia
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