Tuesday, 6 September 2011


After the instant success of Merantau, back in 2009, and a phenomenal introduction into the martial arts action film arena by it's two principle forerunners: debutant star, 'Iko' Uwais Qorny, and welsh film director / editor, Gareth Huw Evans (who first met on a documentary titled 'Land of Moving Shadows: The Mystic Arts of Indonesia, Penchak Silat') - the pair are coming back...TWICE!
Trailer for Merantau

Initially, plans were underway for the prison / gangster flick 'Berandal' - who's premise sounds a little like an action version of the awesome french movie A Prophet - and those plans haven't changed, they've just changed the schedule a little.

Preview of Berandal

Possibly due to the over-whelming success of the aforementioned 'Merantau', they have apparently changed the scope for 'Berandal' and done a very sensible thing, the best thing you could do when faced with 'a break in production'...THEY MADE ANOTHER MOVIE!!!

In a very Robert Zemeckis - Cast Away / What Lies Beneath - stylee, they've shot what looks to be a cross between Assault on Precinct 13 and District 13 (Woah, the double use of the number 13's already freaking me out!) in the interim, called The Raid. And, although a "proper" trailer hasn't hit yet, the preview below still makes it look mighty good!

Preview of The Raid

The Indonesian release for the 'The Raid' is slated for the end of January 2012 and 'Berandal' for 2013.

More info on Berandal from Twitch
More info on The Raid from Twitch
The Raid on imdb

UPDATE!!! - 10th Sep

Redband trailer released! All the reantimator's got to say is: 'WOW!!!'

Trailer for The Raid

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